Thursday, March 3, 2016

Your Adult Spring Break Getaway---In New Orleans!

It's not just a movie

From the late great poet, Richard Armour:
"Shake and shake
the catsup bottle.
None'll come---
And then a lot'll."

Tabasco sauce is a kind of Creole and Cajun ketchup.  We put hot sauce on everything in New Orleans.  Some people like Tabasco brand, others prefer Crystal.  Crystal Hot Sauce, the official pepper sauce of the New Orleans Saints, is the local New Orleans favorite.  It's a long story as to why, aside from flavor, and we don't have the space to go into it here.  If you want to learn all the reasons, I'll be happy to drone on in a scholarly dissertation over breakfast.  Just the idea of it makes your mouth water, doesn't it?

In other news, Emma Fick finished her illustration of La Belle Esplanade for the book she's working on.  She did a really nice job:
I should probably say copyright Emma Fick

It should be noted that La Belle Esplanade has two owners.  One of them is your humble narrator, who is often called a colorful character.  The other is Frau Schmitt, who is also equally colorful.  Frau Schmitt doesn't always get as much press as I do, unfortunately.  She should.  She's the backbone of this operation.  I am just the most public face.  I think Frau Schmitt deserves a round of applause, and I am usually right about these things.

Let's finish off with the reason for the title of this installment: we've been named a top adult spring getaway destination.  I don't mean this kind of spring break getaway. 

Trust me.  I don't mean that kind of spring break. 

I mean the kind of spring break that the people at are selling.  Click the link to see the photo that they use to lead off that article.  That's the kind of spring break I'm talking about.  If you are interested, check out our website and make a reservation there.  Please, don't do it on  

In case you are wondering if that was a paid endorsement, we didn't even know we were featured in the article until a rival website company called to tell us about it.  One would think that would have the courtesy to tell us but, truth be told, we don't have a lot of interaction with them.  We've been inspected by them and we are rated a Diamond Collection Inn by them, but we don't really give them much thought.  We prefer people who come to us through our website because those people can read about all we have to offer straight from the horse's mouth (mine).  

Some of the people who read our website even read our blog before deciding to stay with us.  We hear that this sometimes clinches the deal.  Maybe you're one of those people.  If so, thanks for stopping by.  We hope you are intrigued by what you've read here and that we'll be able to meet you in the months ahead.

So, where should you stay if you are coming to New Orleans for the spring, or during any time of year, really?  There is only one choice:

La Belle Esplanade
Where every morning is a curated New Orleans breakfast salon.

À votre santé,
La Belle Esplanade

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