Saturday, May 31, 2014

Le Pelican Suite (Update)

Sitting room, Pelican Suite, La Belle Esplanade
I would say that our most popular suite based on reservations is the Pelican Suite.  It may have to do with the pictures, but I suspect it also has something to do with it's being one of the least expensive, along with La France Suite.  Both of these two are smaller than the other suites we have.

Guests who have stayed in both suites say they prefer La France because of La France's furnishings.  I'm agnostic on the matter.  There's no accounting for taste.  Everyone agrees they're both very nice.

Le Pelican Suite is not cramped, just smaller.  It's cozy.  It's also in the rear of the house.  It also has a plantation-sized bed.  What's that mean?  It's B&B talk for a full bed, one size down from a queen.  It sleeps two people.  It's an antique, and a beautiful antique, at that.  We'll see a picture of that later. 

The sitting room is lavender and the bedroom is green.  The ceiling in both is blue.  There's both a wardrobe and a closet, which is a rarity in this part of the city.  There is an antique couch, two velveteen chairs, a paisley ottoman, a fold-top writing desk, and a marble-top dressing table.  There's a beautifully carved mirror over the (non-working) fireplace in the sitting room.  At least, I think it's beautiful.  There is another (non-working) fireplace in the bedroom.  In fact, except for in Tammie the Housekeeper's broom closet, there are (non-working) fireplaces in every room in the house.
Tammie the Housekeeper
Tammie the housekeeper told me the other day that we're rated the Number 1 New Orleans B&B on Trip Advisor.  She told Frau Schmitt first, of course.  We enjoy being professional innkeepers.  
Bed in Le Pelican Suite, La Belle Esplanade bed and breakfast
That picture seems pretty dark, doesn't it?  Well, I'm not going to touch it up.  Like most of the pictures we post online, this one was taken with my phone.  It's part of our marketing strategy, if you can call it that.  You think our inn looks nice online; then you arrive and it looks better than you thought it would.  That's why we've never used a professional photographer.  We don't want to make anything look better than it is.

So far so good.

I was standing by the window when I took this picture of the desk in the bedroom:
Bedroom in Le Pelican Suite, La Belle Esplanade bed and breakfast
Pelicans are the predominant motif in Le Pelican Suite but over time other elements have crept in.  The theme is mostly dedicated to old maps and old Louisiana.  We just didn't tack the "Le" on there just to sound French.  That's really what you call the pelican en la langue francais

So, why have a Pelican Suite anyway?  Brother, if you have to ask that question, you don't know anything about Louisiana.  Take a look at our state seal:
Seal of the Great State of Louisiana, U.S.A.
As citizens of Louisiana, we believe in a couple of different things.  Here's three of them: Union, Justice, and Confidence.  We also believe in having a good time, too.  Good memories are made in New Orleans.

It's very quiet in this suite, in the back of the house.  I didn't take a picture of it, but this suite has a very private balcony. How private? It's surrounded by oleander and the branches of whatever the tree is called that grows in our neighbor's back yard.  It's a green oasis, except when the oleander is in bloom.  

The oleander tree is in bloom today, as I write this.  It has been for about a month.  It will be for about another two months.  There won't be a flurry of white blossoms anymore.  Only lush green.  It's very romantic.

Of course, this suite also has a private bath containing a sink, toilet and antique claw foot tub.  The tub is equipped with a shower head and curtains that feature, what else, a pelican.

There's a refrigerator stocked with amenities, as well as a coffee pot, tea kettle, television, free wifi, iron, hairdryer and ironing board.  It's a very nice suite.

A votre santé,
La Belle Esplanade bed and breakfast.

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